Mike Atherton

Mike Atherton is a UX consultant

Mike Atherton is a UX consultant and formerly the Head of User Experience for Huddle. With a background in information architecture and web design, Mike previously worked with the BBC on structured content services for lifelong learning. He has a keen interest in brand strategy, theme parks, and animal mascots and attempts to introduce all three into every digital product he works on.

Introduction to Content Modelling

Content modelling takes complex subjects and lets people explore them in the way they want. It creates links between information, and allows people to take a journey through data in whatever wibby-wobbly way they choose, across time and space and devices.

Your investment in content can be maximised by restructuring, reusing and remixing what you have. People will find it easier to find, explore and share. Search robots will find it easier to digest, and push you up the search rankings.

This half-day workshop provides you with a solid introduction to structuring content for people and robots, and to the practice of creating content models. We’ll use short talks, case studies and hands-on exercises that will show you how to express a subject domain, from data model to site navigation and page layout. In the session you’ll create your own model, and come away with the tools to apply to your own work.

This workshop is aimed at information architects and content strategists responsible for large-scale content-driven websites, but its also great for UX designers and product managers who need to make sense of their content.

Attendees will learn:

  • Introduction to structured content
  • Researching your subject domain
  • Sketching your first content model
  • Auditing and reshaping your content
  • Page design and navigation
  • and more!



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