Leisa Reichelt

Leisa Reichelt is the Head of User Research at the UK Government Digital Service

Leisa is the Head of User Research at the UK Government Digital Service in the Cabinet Office, HM Government. She leads a team of researchers who work in agile, multidisciplinary digital teams to help continuously connect the people who design products with the people who will use them and support experimentation and ongoing learning in product design.

Her background is in user-centred design, design research, and information architecture.

Before joining the public sector she was a freelance consultant and worked with clients including Virgin Atlantic, BBC, SonyBMG, HSBC, The Economist, Drupal, and the University of Surrey. Leisa tweets at @leisa and occasionally blogs at disambiguity.com.

Reality Shared: Collaborative Research Techniques in Agile Teams

All too often, critical design and business decisions are based on internal assumptions rather than how the world actually works. Research may be relegated to a few isolated specialists in an organisation, if it’s considered at all. When you have to move quickly and collaboratively, how do you make sure that you and your team have the information you need to to design and build a new product or service that delights your target users and meets your business goals?

Research can be much faster and more flexible than you might imagine. In this workshop, we’ll cover the most immediately useful research principles and practices for anyone busy doing other things. These include:

  • How to get actionable insights from user research in agile projects.
  • How to identify and formulate your key questions (Hint: these aren’t the ones you’re going to ask)
  • Choosing the best research methods and activities for your team and goals
  • No insight lost or wasted: Group analysis and creating a culture of research



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