Ben Sauer

Ben Sauer is a Senior User Experience Designer at Clearleft.

Ben has an English degree but has also worked as a web developer, affording him that winning combination of humanities and engineering.

Before joining Clearleft, Ben was a freelance UX consultant and founder member of The Escape Committee. Over the years Ben improved websites for travel companies, educators, publishers and charities including Amnesty. His last freelance project was applying his web usability testing skills to a print product (one with a very small typeface!).

At Clearleft, Ben makes the interfaces between people and their digital things more humane.

“I HATE THIS… ★★★★★” How EVO evolved the digital magazine - and why it resulted in a revolution

Clearleft worked with Dennis Publishing in 2013 to design a new form of digital publishing product. It tested well with users, but on release the product caused confusion amongst existing subscribers and resulted in bi-polar reviews and strong opinions. Rob Boynes and Ben Sauer will explain what happened and examine why the product is so important in publishing user experience - an industry where traditional magazine subscriptions are falling fast and replacement revenue is elusive to many.

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