Andy Fitzgerald

Andy Fitzgerald is an Associate UX Director at Deloitte Digital

Andy has spent the better part of a decade massaging truculent bits of information into difficult digital spaces. He has worked with a wide variety of clients in transportation, retail, media, government, and education.

Andy has a Doctorate in English Language and Literature (of all things) and brings the discipline, rigor, and elbow patches of advanced academic research to the practice of user experience.

Andy has given talks and workshops at the Information Architecture Summit, Google Dev Fest, and AIGA’s Into the Woods – as well as presentations at dozens of local working, academic, and professional group sessions. Andy is also a frequent contributor to UX magazines and blogs including UX Booth and O’Reilly Radar.

Taxonomy for App Makers

We currently live in a time where at least one in every five people worldwide owns a smartphone. On average, each of those individuals spends 80% of his or her connected time in native applications. And yet: app makers all too often continue to focus design resources on a single flagship platform, content to cobble together an after-the-fact follow-up for the remaining market share.

This workshop provides an in-depth and hands-on examination of how taxonomy can be used to create better cross-platform experiences. By formulating and then articulating cogent information models in context specific ways, designers can lay the necessary groundwork to accommodate constraints and capitalize on emerging opportunities in mobile – both in the near term and in the future.

Over this half day of short talks and group activities, attendees will learn:

  • What design taxonomies are and why they are important to app makers
  • How to deploy taxonomies in single and cross-platform contexts, with an emphasis on native use cases
  • How to use taxonomies to create positive impact with device-specific capabilities


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